2016 Experiential Marketing Trends

With 2015 coming to a close, and we are about to embark on a new experiential marketing year, I’d like to discuss some of the trends that I believe will impact the 2016 event marketing world. Kindly find below, JGK’s top five experiential trends:

  1. To increase and create brand awareness will continue to be one of the top event and experiential marketing goals and strategies. Event Track, who conducts the world’s largest annual Event & Experiential Marketing Industry Forecast & Best Practices Study, to brands across the Fortune 1000, found this to be true in 2015; with 81% of those surveyed stating it was their #1 goal. Look for the execution of even more event and experiential programs this year com¬pared to last year.
  2. Innovation in technology will continue to shape experiential marketing. As it’s always about the customer experience—the use of technology to enhance this experience will continue to develop at unprecedented levels. Be on the look-out for 3D technology to be integrated into more event marketing campaigns.
  3. The concept of filming an event is not new to event marketers. Where the evolution in the event video will occur is in that video footage will be broadcast in real-time. I find this trend particularly exciting because ‘live’ streaming will bring new meaning…in the sharing of a brand experience.
  4. A company can no longer just have a website. More and more companies will be optimizing their website for mobile use. I will also mention…that more than ever website content must be up to date.
  5. Last year, I mentioned the importance of proving ROI especially during a recession—this trend will continue to be of the utmost importance—realistically, it will never diminish. But, to me, what will make this trend interesting is that measuring social media ROI has not been without its challenges, so stay tuned…the manner in which tracking social media will evolve.

JGK is looking forward to creating experiences in 2016. Let’s do one for you!

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