Event Logistics at High Speed

On April 17, 2019 the auto industry’s most iconic vehicle turned 55. To celebrate Ford employees, retirees and four mustang clubs from southern Ontario were invited to Ford Motor Company of Canada in Oakville and JGK was on site to handle all the event logistics.

Whenever the Mustang folks get together there’s bound to be a good turn out and National Mustang Day was no exception. When enthusiasts started to arrive 90 minutes before the event started and, they kept coming—JGK was ready and swung into action. By the time the event wrapped up JGK had executed not one, not two but three unique 55 builds!

Here’s a look at JGK crew’s handiwork. 100 guests on site and over 70 mustangs were used in the builds.

Image Source: Ford Motors of Canada

To ensure the vehicles were perfectly aligned for the commemorative birthday pictures, a drone operator and spotter from DRONEBOY < https://www.droneboy.com/ > worked with JGK to capture these fantastic aerial shots.

Because we were able to start early, all guests walked away with a mustang memory. The 55 anniversary photos will be shared with all attendees who brought their mustang to the event.

Image Source: Ford Motors of Canada

“A huge thank you to Jim Koufis and his crew for helping to put this event together. His crew might have been even more efficient than I’ve ever seen before.”

Matt Drennan- Scace, Ford Communications Manager

A birthday is not complete without a cake. Check out this incredible one JGK sourced from Cakes by Design.

Image Source: Ford Motors of Canada

A special shout out to our long-term partners; Freeman AV, National, CRGI, Event Rentals, GLS, DRONEBOY and Cakes by Design; JGK was thrilled to be a part of this fantastic outdoor event with a great group of people.

 If you can believe it…not only did the weather cooperate the event successfully wrapped up 30 minutes early and JGK was able to put it in park and enjoy a piece of birthday cake.

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