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When Ford of Canada launched their All New 2015 Focus, the experience we created to showcase the brand and its features—was a lot of fun. I feel like ‘fun’ comes up quite frequently when I’m blogging about Ford and, their product launches, but it’s the best way to describe it; consequently, I’d like to share another experiential marketing campaign with you…so, fasten your seat belt…it’s rally time!

On March 4-6, we partnered with Ford of Canada and took the Canadian media on another road trip. This time, a small fleet of 2015 Ford Focus vehicles departed from Montreal…our destination was Dalton, New Hampshire. On the agenda, was a stop at Team O’Neil Rally School—a 600-acre rally facility.

Once we arrived, it was time for another brand experience. Picture…a fleet of Ford Fiestas, snow, ice, a whole lot of speed, steering, breaking—winter driving exercises ‘rally style’! To give you a sense of how much fun this was, be sure to check out this video clip. But before you do so, I’ll give you a heads up—a couple of my favourite ‘corner moments’…the first, is around the 1:23 minute mark and the second, at 1:38.

event marketing with ford canadahttps://vimeo.com/freemanavcan/review/122786031/3049b49555

Doesn’t that look incredible?! It really was. Every time, I think about this event and those hairpin turns—it makes me smile.

Our media, as always, were in good hands. The school’s founder is Tim O’Neil; he’s a five-time North American Rally champion and his team, like Tim, are professionals who certainly provided the media with the full rally experience. With classroom time and the rally terrain behind them, the media (still smiling from those course corners) headed back to Montreal…in the All New 2015 Fiesta.

What can I say…experiential marketing Ford style is a lot of fun and if you have ever want to experience rally driving, may I suggest a road trip to the New Hampshire…it’ll get your adrenaline running.

experiential marketing fiesta rally product launch

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