JGK Shines Spotlight on AJAC Annual Conference and TestFest

JGK was on-site from October 24 to 28th for the 2017 Canadian Car of the Year Awards (CCOTY) TestFest and annual conference hosted by the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC).

This year, the prestigious event was held at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in Bowmanville, Ontario.

 TestFest is an annual event that invites the best of the best in Canadian automotive journalism to test drive and rate cars through an exhaustive testing and evaluation program. Over 75 journalists were invited to test drive more than 100 vehicles. To ensure vehicles are tested objectively, each member compares each vehicle in its class back to back under the same road conditions.

For an event to stand out in the mind of a target audience, it must be an engaging experience that is able to tell a story about a company or brand. Planning a large scale conference can often be a logistical nightmare as planners try to balance the needs of a variety of stakeholders.

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JGK is up to the challenge and for the past 10 years has been the logistics manager for the association managing everything from sponsorship solicitation and sponsorship activation – to planning and execution of the annual AGM, journalism awards banquet dinner and exhibitor showcase.

The results far surpassed expectations and JGK exceeded 2017 sponsorship goals. The events were technically flawless, and everyone had a great time. This year, a more efficient 2 day TestFest was created to replace previous events where manufacturers had to be onsite for 4-5 days of testing.

The conference also highlighted top Canadian journalists at the 34th Annual AJAC Journalism Awards.

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Getting the job done right to ensure all participants have a positive and engaging experience is critical as JGK continues to blaze new paths in the world of brand experience and conference and event planning.

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