Why You Need an Event Planner for Your Event

It never ceases to amaze me when I hear people say—why on earth would I hire an event planner…when I can do it myself? Or, my personal favourite…event planning is easy. All you have to do is book a venue, order some food and invite people.

Well…I can tell you, although you may be able to do it yourself…—there is a knowledge and expertise that comes with a professional event planner, who is in the business of creating experiences. JGK will develop a well-executed event that delivers the results your organization wants and, I will add…has your customers raving about it.

Here’s another 6 reasons for hiring an event planner.

  1. Planning an event takes time. An event planner will take care of all the details and execution therefore, allowing you to concentrate on the daily operations of running your business.
  2. Logistics Specialist. Event planners are experts in Event Logistics and can properly deliver great results for their clients. “Do what you do best and leave the rest to us.”
  3. Event planners have an established network of contacts and resources at their fingertips. It’s much more effective to utilize what is already built rather, than trying to make your own connections.
  4. Purchasing Power. Event planners like JGK have purchasing power with certain suppliers that can result in substantial trade discounts and savings that we pass along to our clients.
  5. Cost Containment and Cost Avoidance. Professional event planners guide their clients to avoid unnecessary fees—like last minute ‘rush’ charges—by following a defined Planning and Implementation Process. At JGK, we have also developed a Strategic Purchasing Process that takes advantage of a Global Purchasing Process that can result in cost savings for our clients.
  6. Trouble Shooting. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how much planning goes into an event something can go array and if it does…an event planner can tackle the madness while you focus on promoting your brand stress free.
event planners have contacts and resources at their fingertips
an event planner will take care of all the details

If you’re wondering…how do we do it?

I’d like to tell you. The answer is…JGK manages events using a tried-and-true methodical approach—from concept to post-event analysis. JGK’s Four Phase Integrated Marketing Process provides:

  • Phase One: Strategic and Integrated Design and Planning
  • Phase Two: On-Budget Management and Strategic Purchasing
  • Phase Three: On-Time Implementation and Execution
  • Phase Four: Project Recap and Summary

And, that is how we do it. This proprietary methodology assures that your event is delivered on strategy, on time and on budget…another three very good reasons of why you need to hire an event planner for your next event!

planning a successful event that customers will rave about

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